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Static_rounds (OG)

Other Guys Gaming Tactical East Coast [Server Rules]

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Welcome to Other Guys Gaming Tactical East Coast - Home of other Guys gaming community


Rules for server are as follows


Actions that result in kick/Ban:


- Team killing: without public apologize you will be kicked from server.


- Squad leading and not communicating: Failure to communicate with other squad leads and your own squad member

will result in being kicked from server. 


- Locking squads: if you are locking squads to play with only 3 people in it this is not the server for you squads must have a minimum of 6 members to warrant a lock squad with your friends


-Not working together: If any admins/ moderators are told about players either ignoring squad leads or battle plans given by the team to " Lone Survivor " the entire game. This is not the server for you and you will be kicked for it


- Recruiting: In order to recruit on our server you need to follow a couple different rules.

   1. Must be squad internal no [ALL] messaging for recruits in our server.

   2. Must request approval in order to recruit from Static_Rounds(OG). add him on steam for request. 

   3. No clan hunting in our server period if a member is already part of a clan no one is allowed to pull them from other clans period (OG) included respect all clans.


- Hacking, Glitching, exploits: doing any of this will result in immediate ban. Period.


*kick will be the first action taken if any of the rules are broken. we go by a 3 strikes your out rules. 1st and 2nd offences is kick, 3rd time is permanent Ban. You may attempt to appeal the ban by adding and messaging Static_Rounds(OG) on steam. Appeals will be discussed by all the generals in OG and the community will decide what happens please allow 5-10 days for ban appeals process*








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