I've been pretty vocal on reddit (and Discord) about this for the past month or so, and for a lesser extent throughout the course of the game's development. I get that it isn't PR, but I want it to be on the same spectrum of PR which it is currently not. I've seen a lot of people here and on reddit agree that:    HABs shouldn't be spawnable at all if enemies are near to avoid the dreaded "meat grinder" gameplay Rallies need to be nerfed somehow Vehicles shouldn't be disposable  Dying should be something you really want to avoid  Resource scarcity needs to be felt on an individual level   PR did all of these things and it made the gameplay feel a lot heavier. Squad whips PR's ass when it comes to moving and shooting, not to mention visuals, yet still ends up feeling a lot lighter and faster paced because it doesn't do the above. I should have 2000 hours in Squad by now because of how "up my alley" it is, yet I only have a tenth of that because I can't stand the flow.    Anyway, it feels like 20-30% of the Squad community strongly agrees with me, 20-30% strongly disagrees and wants it to remain more or less the same, and the rest seem to be in the middle (yes, those are guesstimates). I read somewhere that the devs try to walk the line between both extremes and try to please both groups simultaneously, but if the current state of the game is the product of that, you're going to have to count me out. I want to love Squad, I just can't get into it for extended periods of times because it's too fast paced and not coordinated enough. It actually seems like Post Scriptum (currently in closed alpha) is closer to what I wanted Squad to be, based on some people's early impressions.    People say that adding a hardcore mode with different rules for HABs, rallies and so forth will "split the community", but I'd wager that it'd do the opposite and retain people who would otherwise leave. A lot of RO1 vets didn't want to play RO2 because of all the (often strange) compromises, and RS2 is even worse (it appeals to an entirely different niche now). I've seen this happen time and time again when modders/indies try to make their visions appeal to a wider audience.   Lastly, Squad is a fantastic base and most of us are A-okay with everything that would be difficult to change (like the maps, movement/shooting mechanics.) All I'm asking for are for "hardcore" variants to be considered for those of us that want that. Alternatively, a limited spawn asymmetrical "Operations" mode would be phenomenal.
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