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[10SFG] - MilSim Server

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 *** SERVER LICENSED AS OF 01/20/2018 ***


*Not really Canada, server is located in Buffalo, New York*


What we would like, is feedback from the community as to what you would like to see on  our server. Such as map rotations etc.  


Website: http://10sfg.com

Discord:  http://10sfg.com/discord


Basic Server Rules: (Rules will be added/removed as we move forward, check back often)

  1. This is a Mil-Sim Server.  You must conduct yourself accordingly.  If you are unaware what Mil-Sim means, get with an Admin to have it explained
    1. Military Simulation means that our server respects military tactics, coordination and communication.
    2. Teams are required to work together as a unit.
    3. Admins may coach and help teams work together by assigning "Higher Command".  Typically one Squad Leader will be appointed battlefield commander
    4. If teams are not working as a cohesive unit, admins may mix team compositions to ensure Mil-Sim  principles are being applied
    5. Squad Leaders that are not experienced, please step down to allow a more experienced squad leader handle operations. 
  2.  Squad Leaders must have a Mic
  3.  Fraticide(TK) will not be tolerated. Accidents happen, make sure you apologize in all chat.
    1. You will receive a warning on first TK
    2. Failure to apologize or multiple TK's will result in removal from server.  If the TK is intentional or severe enough, a ban for a determined amount of time could be issued.
  4.  No spamming, griefing, hacking or cheating of any sort
    1. This includes 'trolling' or being just a turd for the sake of being a turd.
    2. We all like a little smack talk, let's keep it friendly and in the competitive spirit.  Personal attacks are not necessary or tolerated.
  5.  No ghosting
    1. We have a lot of streamers on our server.  Respect their content as entertainment, not as a mechanism to gain an advantage.
    2. Admins will NEVER use admin cam while playing the game.  We reserve this feature solely for the purpose of monitoring gameplay.
  6.  No racist or offensive names in game
    1. There is a zero tolerance for Racism on our server.
      1. This includes offensive or derogatory usernames
      2. This includes offensive or derogatory squad names
    2. Sexually suggestive usernames and squad names will not be tolerated
  7.  No offensive or disrespectful remarks in Chat(All,Team,Squad)
  8.  Do not misuse Vehicles
    1. VBIED's (Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device) are considered a tactical strategy.  However, using all the Logistic trucks as a VBIED's is not. Make sure the rest of the team is ok with the ticket loss of using a VBIED.
  9.  No camping main base
    1. This is up to Admins discretion as to what is considered to be too close.
  10.  No links or advertising in Names
    1. This includes unreadable characters in name. If someone cannot pronounce your name for communication you will be asked to rejoin with a better username.
    2. This includes squad names


Current List of Admins:
Can be contacted on Discord


List of Admins/Moderator:

[10SFG] SGT Benality.G

[10SFG] CW2 Gardner

[10SFG] SGT Lala.N

[10SFG] 2LT Claton.Q

[10SFG] SSGT St.John.C

[10SFG] CPL Johnson.T - Moderator

[10SFG] LTC.Smith.J

[10SFG] SFC Winters.C


Ban Appeal Process


If you are banned and you wish to appeal the decision. Follow the link below to fill out our ban appeal form:



Keep in mind, our goal is to provide a fun gaming experience based around the Military Simulation community.  Bans are infrequent, and most bans are rarely if ever permanent.  We much rather kick you from the server with reasons to allow you to correct the issue.  If you are banned, understand this was probably due to an egregious violation of the rules above.


Your appeal will be addressed, and may not be reversed unless it was done in error. 

We will handle all appeals in a professional manner, and expect the same in return. 

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