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Is it normal for the jensen map to require 14 minutes to load into the editor?

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Loading the Jensen map in the editor takes 14 minutes. And this is after the 1 hour first time load. Shouldn't the loading go much faster?

1060 gfx
16GB ram

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they still not worked this one out yet?

i get the same: mainly on OWI's maps, but some times on one of my own that i have not opened for a while (since previous update? <shrugs>)


i had a BP take 15 minutes to  open after the last update - my SDK seems to get slowed by the innumerable BodySetup_ files it seems to have to load for anything.


your slow loading also come with constant intermitent and random apparent-non-thinking by your computer? mine can sit there doing nothing (no disk, no activity at all) for 5 seconds or more in the middle of loading bits - like it's stuh stuh stuttering.

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