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Infiltration gamemode?

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Gamemode Scenario:

  • - 1 Objective that has to be destroyed/defend (or capped?)
  • - 1 Life ( no respawn)
  • - 1 or 2 times airsupport with smoke. (don't know if such thing exists/possible in Squad)


(40 Players) 25 defenders against 15 (elite)attackers with slightly better weapons to choose from.
(32 Players) 20 defenders against 10 (elite)attackers with slightly better weapons to choose from.


  • - Defending team will have 2-3 transport vehicles and 2-3 (armed) technical vehicles.
  • - Attacking team will have to move on foot.
  • - Within a time period for about 25-30 minutes, the mission has to be complete.
  • - Defending team will have (5?) minutes to setup their defense.
  • - Once the objective has been destroyed within the time period, or defended when the time has expired will win the round.


As in my welcome post here on the forums I said I was playing Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising when it was active. This Gamemode scenario is based on the Infiltration mode they had in their game and was played a lot during that time.


Will such thing be possible through only scripting?
I'm not familiar with UE4 editting so far.  (only with Hammer editor & scripts)


Suggestions and feedback are welcome :)

Thanks ahead & cheers!

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