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Newbie, UK Based - Hey

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Hey All, how have I only just learned about this game!!!! Its sat in my current download folder so will be on tomorrow or soon if it doesn't take long.


Cant wait to give it a bash.... 

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Well I'm a UK based tired Dad so ....


lol...have to let you know that there's just some things that aren't obvious in the game mechanics (in particular using vehicles, such as Logistics and rear mounted weaponry). So my BEST advice is make extensive use of the Shooting Range. You're on your own, so can't screw up, there are at least SOME pop up notes on how to enter and use vehicles, weapons etc. 


The one thing you can't do is learn how to do a Logi (Logistics) run. I'd just suggest joining an Insurgent side in a battle and just telling your Squad Leader (SL) you want to do a Logi run but don't know how...they'll talk it through. I could explain here but typing it out isn't easy to make it understandable and readable.


Other hint, don't be an SL until you're more familiar with the game. Other than that, pick any English language server and dive in!

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