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SPG-9 emplacement bugged

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I guess this hasn't been reported before... SPG-9 emplacements are bugged in V10. I think it's not just for me - teammates reported problems too. Basically, the emplacements can be built, but the gun tube glitches in and out of view for an external observer, and the user can't see the gun tube at all (and hence can't aim).


PS. Also, plz need range adjustments for emplacements. It's kind of silly that we can range personal weapons but can't range crew-served and some optics, whereas IRL ranging is obviously used a lot more on optics and heavy weapons.


PPS. Also, the reason why the SPG bug probably hasn't been reported is that hardly anyone uses them. Frag rounds are good but the cost is ridiculous (50 ammo for 1 frag round? I can get 50 frag rounds for the ZU for the same 50 ammo, and four LAT rounds only cost 75). Plus the firing arc is very narrow. I get that it's probably the IRL limitation of the mount but IRL you can just rotate the whole thing, or install it tilted.

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