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B&H Dedicated Assets

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B&H Dedicated Assets



To create a fun and exciting squad experience with a dedicated open community and play guideline to minimize frustration. If you are interested in joining a growing community come stop by.




Racist, sexist, or abusive behavior = Permanent ban


Cheating- Any use of glitches, exploits, and/or hacks. = Permanent ban


Offensive player/squad name = Permanent ban


Intentional team kill = Minimum 2 day ban

Intentional team kill multiple (3+ people) = Minimum 7 day ban

Intentional mass team killing (6+ people) = Permanent ban


Firing from the main-spawn (1st warning) = Kick

Firing from the main-spawn (after warning was given) = Minimum 2 day ban


Unassigned/AFK = Kick


Squad leading without a microphone = Kick

Squad leaders who refuse teamwork = Kick


Advertising = Kick


Overly-negative behavior, trolling, and/or disrespect = Minimum 2 day ban

Overly-negative behavior, trolling, and/or disrespect (any further offense) = Permanent ban


Disrespect toward mod or admin = Minimum 7 day ban

Disrespect toward mod or admin (any further offense) = Permanent ban


No Main-Spawn camping. The closest an enemy combatant can get to a Main is half the distance from that Main to its first objective. Ambushing enemy vehicles and infantry beyond that radius is allowed. Closest FOB must be halfway between Main and First Objective

Main-spawn camping (1st warning) = Kick

Main-spawn camping (after warning was given) = Minimum 2 day ban

Main-spawn camping (any further offense) = Permanent ban



Admin/mods reserve the right to remove anyone from the server for any reason




Locked squads - Every squad must have a minimum of 2 people in order to lock, with a maximum of 8 squads per team. Any role-specific squad MUST help the team and not "lone-wolf". Responding to Command Channel is required.


Dedicated asset squads – Dedicated named asset squads have priority for using heavy assets (See List Below). If no named asset squad exists and the asset has not been claimed, it is available for use by any squad. If a dedicated named squad is created after an asset is already in use in the field, that asset is owned by the original squad until lost or voluntarily surrendered. If another squad wishes to use a claimed asset, permission must be obtained from the dedicated named squad. The name of the dedicated squad must reflect the name of the claimed asset.


Mortar squads- Mortar squads should not be larger than 4 people. If a mortar squad is larger than 4, they must place the mortar fob on/near an objective as a defensive fall back fob. Mortar squad cannot claim more than one logi and must be open to supplying other fobs if needed.


Failure to follow server play guidelines may lead to a kick under the “Squad leaders who refuse teamwork = Kick” rule.


Heavy Asset List



BTR Variants

IAV Stryker

MT-LB Variants

Rocket Artillery Technical

Recoilless Gun (SPG) Technical

ZU-23 Ural 375D





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