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Since anti reshade update not able to launch game (but don't have reshade)

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Just tried to launch the game, it was working fine earlier today but it seems that now since the anti reshade update I can't launch.

I don't have reshade, I do have 'Vorpx' installed (the injector that makes games work in VR) BUT I don't use it for Squad. 

Could it be that Vorpx is causing the problem?

I'v tried disabling my antivirus also


Any tips? Fixes? Any help would be appreciated 

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46 minutes ago, samwiseOrigin said:

Hi @IMcQueenI

Does Squad gives you specific error message or it just doesn't launch?

IIRC Vorpx + Squad is not a good combination so your prognosis maybe true. 

It was the 0xc0000142 one that was supposed to come up if I had  reshade.

Although the issue seems to have resolved it self, i just tried booting it up and it worked fine.

I had tried restarting before and it hadn't worked, not sure if something was updated on your end or not.


Thanks anyway


on a side note, should i risk giving Vorpx a try in squad? Could be fun with the new head movement.

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9 hours ago, samwiseOrigin said:

Squad Does not Support VR...


IIRC, you can load maps thru SDK and do it that way. 

Yeah, most games I use Vorpx with don't support VR, still I might give it a go in the editor.

IIRC, Thanks bro :-)

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