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Looking for a Squad????

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I am the head recruiter for a discord group called Riley Company. At RC we have over 250 members and have 100+ active players daily. We have a designated channel for Squad. We have players that also play other games such as: Arma, LoL, RB6, EFT and so much more. We are currently accepting new recruits into the company. We treat everyone with the respect they deserve and do NOT tolerate disrespect. There is currently a ranking system in place but please do not fear because no matter if you’re a Pvt. or a Sgt Maj. you are family to us. Clearly, all we ask from you is to be helpful to those who are looking for help and we have all heard this line in grade school, treat people the way you want to be treated. If you’re interested, please follow the link to our discord and enjoy. Once you join RC please message RC-Derpstar, personally, that you were recruited by LoneMerc and he will give you a rank in RC. Thank you and hope to see you on our side. EDIT: In order to see all the channels you will need to have a role in RC. That is why you WILL need to message RC-Derpstar in order to see all the channels.


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