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Separate sensitivity settings?

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Have we lost the ability to set separate sensitivity settings for Hipfire, ADS/Red Dot and ACOG?


I'm sure we used to be able to change these values in the GameUserSettings file?


I'm just going through some of my games and standardizing my mouse sensitivities for different scopes and zooms for muscle memory using  https://www.mouse-sensitivity.com/ and the calculator there has the options for Hipfire, ADS/Red Dot and ACOG for Squad.





FYI, For anyone interested in the proper way to standardize your mouse movements for muscle memory by "Monitor Distance" that actually takes different FOV's and scope zoom levels in to account then checkout the video here that explains the theory: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYCrGAJshvQ




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Devs have indicated this is a planned feature.


Location of indication was on the Official Discord.

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For further Updates I would realy like to see options to set up seperatet sensivity for:



-> Hipfire, ADS

-> different sensivity for different scopes is maybe not the best Idea, at least its one of the disadvantages of scopes, that they are far more sensitiv compared to red-dot and Irongsight. Already now Acog and Co are performing realy well and we are already on the point where palyer complain about the limits of Ironsights and lower magnification scopes. A seperate sensivity would compensate maybe the advantages of ironsights.

-> but we should also take in to account, thats very easy for most player to the same with a small switch on the mouse to lower DPI or sensivity of the mouse on the a level out of the game. And thats the reason ehy I say "maybe" because it would also offer player to compensate the lack of the "right" hardware to still be in a good place against player with better hardware equipment.



->Driver, Gunner, Zoom of Gunner, and also seperated for later Airvehicels like drones, planes, helicopter and scout planes drone (those tiny scout drones)


Placable Weapon Systems

-> Mortar, Heavy MG, Rocketlauncher Systems

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Keeping a consistent angle of movement across zoom makes sense to me. If it's wrong atm, Can that not be automatically corrected? Adding settings that 99% of players won't have any idea how to configure properly sounds like not a great solution.

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