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[CZ/SK/EN] VGOS Squad Ultra Uber Skill Server

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Server name: [CZ/SK/EN] VGOS Squad Ultra Uber Skill Server

Location: Prague, Czech Republic, Central Europe
Languages: Czech, Slovak, English
Admin Contact at Discord: https://discord.io/squadskcz

Pravidla serveru: 
1. Hraje ferovou hru

2. Cheatovani ci zneuzivani chyb hry neni dovoleno !

3. Hrajete jako tym

4. Vyvarujte se uzamykani prazdnych squadu. (5+ povoleno)

5. Postarejte se o novacky. Jednou vam mohou zachranit zadek. 

Server RULES:
1. Play fair

2. Hacking, cheating etc is not allowed !

3. Play as a team. 

4. Dont lock empty squads (5+ allowed)
5. Take care of newbies. One day, they can save your ass :)

P.S. Ne, nemuzete byt taky admin...
P.S. No, you can't be admin too...

Good luck and have fun ! 

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