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Hi guys,


Im a new server host for Squad and hosting on a 8 core server that has three single core game servers for other games. 


I am trying to get the Squad server to work just on cores 7 and 8, or even just 8 if that is possible. 


Am using the command line below but it doesnt seem to work and I am seeing plenty of activity on the other cores when the server is used. 


As you can see below i have both the Affinty 0x0c0 command which should give me cores 7 and 8, but I also have a Prefproc command for core 8, but I am not sure if that works.


Can anyone help me out as I need to isolate the Squad game server to cores not being used by the single core games as they are generally running at 90% on their cores and I really dont need the extra grunt on those occupied cores.  




Also, is there a web admin / rcon for this game.  If so what URL is used?  

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Is it an actual 8 core server or did you mean 8 logical cores?


I use a i7-6700 which has 4 cores, so 8 logical processors in total. If I want to run something on Core 4 & its' multithreading core I simply use:

start "Squad Gameserver" /affinity C0 [...]


Which is equivalent to your 0x0C0, I am however not sure if you need "PREFERPREPROCESSOR = CPU Affinity (Optional) UNTESTED". Get rid of that and try to run it with "OS-side" affinity only.


As for the RCON, there is a seperate config file for that, check:

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Thanks for that Walki.


It's 8 log cores so yeah a 4 physical core processor.  Im running an  Xeon E3 1241 V3.  I really need to isolate the game to one physical core.  


Turns out that UGCC which i use to manage my game servers doesnt want to play nice with Squad.  It wasnt correctly launching the command line.  When I ran a command line directly from the server I was able to get the affinity sorted out.


Now with the RCON, what URL do you use to access it ?  For example I use this to remotley access the admin for another game 




What do you do for Squad?  Or doesnt it have a remote accessible webadmin ?

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