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FPS issues

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I have seen a few posts regarding similar issues but here is what I have found.  I'll admit my computer is nothing great but it ran v9 and v10 play test fairly well...after the monday final v10 patch I started seeing issues.


Here is what I initially thought was the issue though I haven't been able to verify this because I don't have any controlled way to test public servers.  I am usually getting between 35-60 fps on desert maps and 15-25 fps on forest maps.  At least I think that is what is happening.


Now for the actual controlled tests I did.


Scenario: game started in fullscreen mode, join shooting range, go to the same rock and look in the same direction.  With epic graphics (super sampling off, .5 screen sharpening) settings I get about 17 fps. With low graphics i get about 25fps. Even in the menu before joining shooting range I am getting 17-20 fps. Now with graphics at epic I can change to borderless while in shooting range. I watch the fps jump to over 100fps for a second then fall to 22ish fps then after 5 seconds or so rise to 55 fps and stay there. I can return to fullscreen and it will remain at 55 fps. I can then exit shooting range and menu is at 60ish fps. I can rejoin shooting range and continue to get 55-60 fps. 


If i restart the game in borderless fps stays good. If I restart the game with fullscreen selected it will go back to 17-20 fps until I do the borderless/fulscreen switch again.


Haven't gotten a chance to try it in public servers but thought at least that information may get some people ideas.


My rig:

Windows 7



16gb ddr3

2 monitors (not sure if this is causing issues)



Anybody else having FPS issues? If so give borderless a shot and let me know if it fixes anything.

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Likley blowing your vRAM on the gPu to cause these sort of things?

Use MSI Afterburner/Riva tuner to monitor that and then go from there.

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the game uses my graphics card well but i set it in ultra settings im getting like 30 fps and all on low 31 or 33 fps
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Refer to the Squad Requirement on Steam page 

Your CPU is below the minimum requirement and it's the cause of the issue 

You can rev FPS up all the way in the main menu but FPS in the actual server will suffer due to your current set up. 



Steam Requirement.JPG

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