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(GD) Goofy Devils | Chicago | AAS

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Welcome to the Goofy Devils server!

You can find us at "(GD) Goofy Devils | Chicago | AAS"



New players are always welcome.

This is a US  server, thus you must at least understand English.

Squad leaders must have mics.
Server Restarts every 6 hours to maintain performance. 

3AM | 3PM | 9AM | 9PM (PST)

Any squad leader can kick you out of their squad for any reason.
Teamkilling your squad lead in retaliation from a kick will result in a ban.
Don't lock your squad unless you have at least 4.
Continued team killing will result in a ban.
Any forms of cheating will result in a ban!
Having your friend on the opposite team giving out information is cheating, don't do it!

For any admin abuse/kick/ban inquiries, please leave a comment below and we will further discuss it in private messages.

Any constructive criticism feel free to also put it in a comment below.


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