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GD Goofy Devils AAS

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Welcome to the Goofy Devils server!

You can find us at "GD Goofy Devils AAS"



New players are always welcome.

This is an NA server, thus you must at least understand English.

Squad leaders must have mics.
Server Restarts every 6 hours to maintain high performance. 

3AM | 3PM | 9AM | 9PM (PST)


Our goal

To provide an immersive and fun virtual environment for the Squad community to

escape the real world and jump into the battlefield and kick some ass!

As Admins & Moderators, we do not want to impede on anyone's experience in our server unless of course we absolutely must.


Any squad leader can kick you out of their squad for any reason.
Teamkilling your squad lead in retaliation from a kick will result in a ban.

Limited 2 Vehicles per squad!
Don't lock your squad unless you have at least 4. (Excluding 2-man Tank Squads)
Continued team killing will result in a ban!

Disrespecting fellow players will result in a kick! - We are strong believers of mutual respect!

Continuation in disrespecting fellow players will result in a banhammer!
Any forms of cheating will result in a ban!

Unassigned players will be considered to be Inactive and will be kicked!
Having your friend on the opposite team giving out information is cheating, and will result in a ban, Stream Sniping also falls into this category!



Strong believers in the Constitutional Amendments feel free to talk about whatever the F#@! you want! ;)

You may solo vehicles!

You may camp main bases! it is a legitimate tactic!




For any admin abuse/kick/ban inquiries, please leave a comment below in this specific format and we will further discuss it in private messages.



Your Steam name: Johndoe69

Time: 4:30pm PST

Map: Narva AAS v1

Admin/Moderator/GD Tag that was involved: GD RussianJesus

Brief Description of the Situation 

Screenshot or Video link (optional)




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