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Some Idea's for the future.

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After 800 hrs in squad and god knows how many in PR i want to throw a few suggestions out there.


-Razor Wire

First off i think Razor wire is way to weak(The health of the structure).1 nade will destroy like any razor wire within 5-10 meters and by destroy i mean like it is completely gone down to the stakes. i think they need to add more health to it otherwise it is completely useless to build,as the enemy gets close it gets destroyed so easily they don't even know its there half the time(because its down to the stakes after a nade)


-Left ctrl Crouch in gun turret's (vehicles)

Not much to say about this. Its just frustrating sometimes when your in a MRAP and your head is just in a stable little static location for someone to snipe.I remember this in PR and squad needs this! I am in a MRAP **** let me put my head down behind the armor Plating please haha.


-Crewman Kit (req for driving BTR/Striker/heavy vics)

With the steam sale in full swing you can see now more then ever why this is a must.

Taxi vehicles abandoned every were around the map. Make people Make a Conscious effort to get in a heavy vehicle! make them understand its a asset!

plus it will facilitate dedicated squads for vic's.


-Marksmen Bipod's

This is needed as of now anyhow.in city maps its hard to find a steady stable sniping location. Sniping out windows is a bitch cause you have no stable platform unless your prone. Plus if i could get a guy to take a knee in a building defilade of the window and bipod on his back i would orgasm.


-Command chat/radio chatter coming out of radio on SL in local (at reduced range,or mufffled)

this one might not be popular but i would love this as a SL. Im sick of having to explain to some one why i have been in a corner starring at a wall for 2 min lol. I am on the Net with other SL's don't just stand there looking at me!

It would be big on immersion i think and it would be nice for people to understand (even if they cant make out whats being said) that i am actually doing things and not just sitting there.


-V for vehicle chat

its to hard to hear local chat while in a vic. and the rest of the squad doesnt want to hear everything the driver and gunner have to say to each other.


Edit: i forgot ALSO ADD CIVILIAN KIT BACK TO INSURGENCY and the PR intel system.(its just never going to be played even after this v10 overhaul otherwise)

imo thats the biggest thing that game mode is lacking in squad. the cache is sighted way to fast. MAKE THEM AMERICANS PAY FOR INDISCRIMINATE FIRE!!

its the main thing that set insurgency aside from AAS/invasion.

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like crouch in gun turret.

indifferent otherwise;)


insurgency needs some love.

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Razor Wire: Don't agree, since its the cheapest placeable, it should also be able to be cleared by a nade.


-Left ctrl Crouch in gun turret's (vehicles): Agreed, would be nice to have this feature


-Crewman Kit (req for driving BTR/Striker/heavy vics): Agreed, but I guess it will come this year or so since its more or less confirmed. I hope that you dont Need such a kit for Jeeps and trucks though



-Marksmen Bipod's: Agreed, also like to see it



-Command chat/radio chatter coming out of radio on SL in local (at reduced range,or mufffled): Yes that would be pretty nice, at least some Radio noise or so comeing from the squad leader, just something to Signal to other members that you are talking with other squads or so. A lot of times I Need to ask to repeat their message, since I couldnt hear it due to chit Chat between members. Some sort of indicator for squad members, that the squad leader is currently talking with others over the Radio would be nice.


-V for vehicle Chat: Agreed, If members are in a BTR or so it would make sense to Keep the "V" talk inside the vehicle or Jeep. On a truck it would Need to stay "open" though. I guess for something like that to work, you would Need another variable to determine if the vehicle Position is inside or outside in order to decide if its a voice Chat only for People inside the vehicle or local open.


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try looking up in turret, it seems to move your body down within the armour. Not sure if this is effective but if feels cosy.

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I think we need a weapon resting option for the non MG-Classes in the future too. 

It would be awesome if we can rest the weapon on walls and object corners, to fight more stability and accuracy, on far distances. 

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> Crouching in a turret is something that I am really missing from PR, especially on city maps. It would make the open MRAPs and future vehicles in that same class much more valuable overall.
> Crewman kit is desperately needed, it would help a lot even to organize your own squad, but also to make players themselves commit to the vehicle, knowing that their capabilities outside of that asset are seriously limited.
> Muffled command chat - amazing idea. I can see it being not only a flavor thing but also have a legitimate use in form of "briefings" where squads gather around their squad leaders on the spawn to get a glympse of the game plan.
> Vehicle chat - Excelent quality of life improvement, especially for armor. Why not make it into a perk of having a crewman kit? That way you can speak exclusively to other crewmen in your vehicle, unless you open a hatch, then it emits proximity as well.

I am not so sure about Marksman and Wire suggestions for the following reasons:
> Marksman rifles are generally very strong out of the box, bipods would make them godlike. While I agree that marksman kits suffer from accuracy loss on city maps due to how player's stance currently affect sway and recol, those enviroments usually also have many more overwatch positions in form of tall buildings and countless windows to compensate that.
I think Marksman should wait his turn untill some kind of weapon resting system (designed mainly for urban combat) is in place, which does not work as good as a dedicated bipod but still allows for taking much more accurate shots in repeat succession.
> Barbed Wire is probably the least useful form of fortification right now, and I wish I could see it used more. That being said I understand the concern of having fully enclosed barbed wire perimeters requiring vehicles and/or a squad of shovels to gain access to.

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I don't think they should add the crouch option for the turret. You should have your head down by default. Nobody keeps their head over the turret like that. There should be an option to poke your head up for a better FOV though.

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