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HAB + Freeze

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After placing a radio when youre trying to build a HAB the game tells you that youd need 400 construction Points to build it when in fact this is not true at all. It`s also underlined in red showing the SL he wasnt able to build it when he actually can. Irritating af, took me half an hour to figure that out, no shit.


Also whenever im on the loading screen (joining/leaving servers) and alt-tab the game just freezes and never comes back to life.


Edit: Nvmd you can only build a hab without construction points on the shooting range. How does one drop the fricking supplies with the logy truck then? Q not working, left or right mouse not working either.

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As you already figured out what the error was I will lock this thread.


Here an explanation how to use the logi in V10 I just stole from @elerik


On 23.1.2018 at 11:11 AM, elerik said:

So how it worked in v10 playtest (its little bit complicated and confusing at begining because even skilled players didnt getit all as i could see at youtube records and twitch). 


for example we take standart logi with 2000 supply points space (1000 ammo, 1000 constructions) and yes Q doesnt work anymore. 


BASIC principles:

Scroll-wheel didnt work in that build. It was bug. And many many players was pretty confused because of this. 

1. Pick up type of supply. Press at Alphanumeric keyboard 1 (Ammo supplies) or 2 (construction supplies) 

2. Unload. HOLD left mouse button (simple click did nothing).

3. Load. HOLD right mouse button. Same like for unload. Simple click did nothing. 


Now Confusing part come.

1. How to refill supply truck at main base ? 

go close to repair station and you will get automatically 1000 ammo supplies and 1000 construction supplies !!!!! INSTANTLY!!!!!. 


2. what if you want take some custom load-out Lets say  1600 ammo and 400 construction? Stay away from repair station but stay in radius of Main base !!!IMPORTANT!!!!

Pick up type (1- ammo or 2- construction)  and HOLD right mouse button as long as you wish.  When you drive away dont touch repair station radius or it will automatically instantly refill to 1000, 1000 and your workout was wasted. 


3. How to unload/load at FOB 

See basic principles. And HOLD left/right mouse button. This is important. There is some time delay per 100 units. So if you clicked it did nothing. Its super cool because you need some time to unload supplies from your truck. I personally liked it. So unload truck with 2000 units it took may be 10-20 seconds ? something like that. It wasnt instant



You dont have to unload all supplies. Imagine that you load supply truck by 2000 construction units. 

Imagine you have 2 SL and both build FOB. And both need supplies for build HAB. Yes ... you can unload at one some supplies and at another FOB another loadout. 2 in 1. Also you can collect from old FOB all unused supplies and bring them at actual FOB. 







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