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"Intuition" Tweaks - Toggle Lean and Ranging Keybind

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Just wanted to share a couple of suggestions that I think would make the game a little more intuitive and natural feeling, and reduce the number of keypresses required for certain actions. 


Toggle Lean - Cancelling

This is a suggestion I thought of a while back, but I wanted to see if it changed in V10 before posting it. I would love to be able to use the "toggle lean" feature in Squad....it really helps when you're holding a defensive position to be able to adjust your position without having to keep Q or E depressed. However, I'm finding the way toggle lean works a bit clunky sometimes, mainly in the way that it's cancelled. For example, if I lean left, I tap "Q". In order to return to centre, it kind of makes sense to me that I would tap "E" to shift my lean to the right. However, at the moment, pressing "E" will make me lean all the way to the right, even if I'm already leaning left. In order to "unlean" from the left, I have to press "Q" again...and it just feels very odd.


Similarly, I would kind of expect certain actions to cancel the lean automatically - for instance, starting to sprint, or jumping. I think this would feel much more natural, allowing a seamless transition from leaning around a corner, then then dashing across open ground, etc. 


Is there any chance we could change the behaviour for "toggle lean" to incorporate the above, or at least, add further customisation to enable it? The current behaviour is the only thing stopping me use toggle lean at the moment - despite being more useful, I just can't get used to it. Anyone else feel the same?


Remove the "Ranging" Bind

The addition of ranging in Squad is fantastic, but I have to ask - is there really a need to have a button that you have to hold while adjusting it? Again, it's a minor thing, but it's just another keybind to think about. Would it not be better to simplify it further so that you can adjust ranging at anytime whilst aiming down your sights? I'm thinking about the way that Red Orchestra handled this. In RO2, your mousewheel changes your weapon selection; however, if you roll your mousewheel with the sights up, it adjusts the sight range instead....lower the sights, and it's weapon selection again. Very fluid and no need for another key.


Could I suggest doing the same in Squad, or is there a programmatical reason for having a specific keybind to enable ranging?



That's all. Fantastic work with V10. My only gripe is not having enough time to play it during the week. Keep up the great work OWI, and thankyou :)

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I don't use toggle for leaning, but I strongly agree with you on the ranging. Too many unnecessary steps.

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