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Bugged sights, rainbow reticle colors, too small, etc.

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Changed the topic name, and updated the latest post, with evidence and description.


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It would be better to go back, to the most recent version, and release 10, once it is ready to be released, because at the moment, it seems to be a downgrade of the most important aspects, which are... guns.


M4s are messed up, and so are the scopes, they were not perfect, but if I had a choice, I would gladly switch back, to something that is useful.


Not to mention TXAA makes the scopec unusable, because they get affected by it, and partially disappear, not to mention they get thicker, and thinner with the weapon sway. 


SWD with no AA, default look through. [Pink, and too small in general, no other issues.]




SWD  with no AA + looking around using it. [Regardless of the speed, and movement, reticle does not get affected by anything, and remains in the same exact position, with the same exact thickness, and everything else.]




SWD  + TXAA, default look through.  [Reticle gets thicker, and thinner, according to the weapon sway, it looks like an IR strobe, or some kind of emergency light.]




SWD  + TXAA + looking around using it. [Same as the above + the reticle in this case gets affected by the speed, and movement, which make it nearly disappear if you do it too quickly.]




The worst thing is, it affects ALL sights with zoom, time to test the rest. 



1P78 [not a pink one, but green] - exactly the same issues.

M110 SASS [pink, and too small in general] - exactly the same issues.

M145 [black] - exactly the same issues.

150 [pink] - chevron itsels is not affected by anything, but the rest is. 



M68 [pink] - not affected

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I thought it was just me not playing on a resolution above 1080, especially the SAW is really hard to read now. I actually made a video this week, just showing the new weapon animations, and you can see how just tiny and thin everything is inside the scopes:



All recorded with TXAA:

2:38 AK47 with scope.

4:33 Dragunov.

6:26 SAW m249, still easy to see but still too tiny.


Increasing the thickness and the size would already make it allot better. Maybe it's realistic but whats the point if you barely can see it.

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