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Friendly tags disappear if lean during prone position.

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ver:  a-


All friendly tags (before me) are disappear (between me and the enemy} if my persona is prone (Z) and lean in this prone position (Q or E). Tags appear again when I'm stop leaning.


Next glitch. Sometimes tags do not appear when I'm in vehicle on gunner position. Friendly fire as result.

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this is a feedback:


another reason why nametags whould be disabled all together


I mean, is it too hard to differintiate beteween enemy and friendly vehicles?


As I said, probably years ago, they can only distanguish by the nametags, if it has nametags dont shoot, if it doesnt, shoot it

there is zero skill required in there


this hardly happens in PR, since nametags are off, I can even recognize all the sounds in the game, so I know easily what vehicle is coming my way and all gun sounds


but in Squad, all we shoot is "things" that dont have nametags on it, so thats when the TKs you mentioned happen

if there were no nametags, people would have to learn (skill required), check the map before shooting, etc


nametags render behind walls, smoke, when players are down, it`s a mess, cant say otherwise

sadly, it removes so much of the immersion


Id like to see an option to toggle nametags ON or OFF

Id like to see a hardcore server where there are no nametags at all

and all of this I already said years ago

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I personally don't like the name tags, they should either be off entirely, or ideally range dependant. You see them within say 10 m then they fade out.


Make people play smarted, PID targets using kit shape, weapons, and sounds. For me, the tags keep getting in the way and are far too bright.

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