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P. Barnes

[TLFH] Admin Abuse

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[TLFH] Admin Abuse -     

Central US Licensed. 


TLFH’s intent is to provide a server that not only stands alone in the culture of Squad but remains a place open to all players.


We are a growing group who after hundreds of hours in Squad has decided to dedicate our efforts toward providing an environment to improve the community as a whole and reshape the rapport between servers and players.

Our goal will be to generate a culmination milsim, competitive, high stress, casual and new player friendly oriented server. While a lofty goal, we have seen countless times in Squad that it is possible for this to be a consistent environment with a good group of the right players.





No player will be permanently banned from the server without clear and repeated warnings excluding extreme circumstances/TK spam.

No TK retaliation

High ping 300+ may result in kick

Due to the nature of the gameplay 18+ is advised.

Discouraged behavior:

A single squad wasting, hoarding, or trolling with team assets

Taking verbal altercations and banter seriously

Persistent targeting of the same player for abuse or ridicule

SL responsibility is to their squad, teams should work together, SLs are not obligated to obey other SL commands so long as they are participating in the active objectives. Support excluded.

English preferred. SLs must be able to xmit comms.

Please reach out to Admin for Ban/kick disputes and allow reasonable time for response

Additional general server rules have been outlined by the developer in the forums.





http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198255023390/  (Founder)



If you share in our aspirations please feel free to join the server.

Jump in our Discord:



Reach out to any admin to become a member.

See you in the field.


(Server name is satire, if you feel that an admin has been unfair at anytime please contact us.)

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