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Fix for certain headsets not working

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Hello Gang, Today I wanted to post a fix for certain mics/headsets not working with Squad, including Xbox and Bluetooth headsets. (Please note this is a workaround / bandaid, not an official code fix)

1.Download and Install VB-Cable here: https://www.vb-audio.com/Cable/ 
2. Set your VB Cable as your new default recording device.
3.Go into the properties of your headset and enable listening, set the VB-Cable as the listening device and save.

Picture for step 3: 

I just tested this with my Turtle Beach 420x+ Xbox One wireless headset and it worked perfectly.

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https://youtu.be/eamaiDKcwyI not my recording but I am having same issue, funny thing is I had this issue as soon as update V10 was released and then I was playing a couple days ago without any issues and now have the exact same problem again and I haven't changed anything on my pc, no updates, same drivers, same headset.

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Fix doesn't work on my headset. Is a pretty infuriating problem having to play the game without sound, as well as cutting out all the sound of other programs I have running...


I have tried turning the headset off and on after the game has launched and this fixes sound to other programs that I had running but not Squad.


Not sure if it will help, but I usually run a sound routing software to have music through speakers and game through the headset. This works by having the headset as default and then picking programs to be played through speakers. Tried this to see if this fixed it for Squad and when routing squad it said access denied. So not sure if it is something in Squad protection that is causing the squad issue?


Would love to play the game with sound, as now gone over the 2 hours for being able to return it on steam.... 



Further info, if i disable my headset in recording devices launching the game doesn't kill other sounds, but still can't hear the game. 

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