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[RIP] Rusty In Places Fight Clubs

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Operation: Sweeping Storm is a One-Life event that aims for a more realistic type of "Quick-Reaction-Force" gameplay next to the standard type of gameplay that a One-Life Event offers.


However, there's a catch: There are no written down briefings before the event, besides the chosen map and active forces. This is to prevent prior complex planing. Once all the players are on the server and the game is "Live" Admin Commanders will give an in-game briefing to the fellow Squadleaders of the team.


We will present a situation and then let them loose after a set staging time. Therefore we offer the freedom of choice to pursue the objective in a way a team deems necessary. Each match will offer a new challenge, a new situation that the players need to react to.

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Title: Operation: Warriors Path (1 life event)
Date: 04.03.2018
Time: 19:30 UTC
Map & Type: Sumari AAS v3 (37 v 37)


Operation: Warriors Path - The city has been one of the leading routes of arms and drug traffickers for decades. To stop the trafficking, US forces set up roadblocks across all bridges in the area.


The only way to pass the city is through Palace-Mosque checkpoint. The checkpoint is being held by a squad of US soldiers while the main platoon is stationed at the US base.


Militants do not like the regular check-ups because it stops them from moving arms and drugs in and out of the city, so they are preparing to attack and destroy the checkpoint.

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