Hello.  With the upgrade from V9 to V10 (Dec/17 and Jan/18 play tests), the game now fails to load textures properly (ground, map, guns, etc), but only on some maps.  V10 ground textures are blurry, and the maps are completely blurry and unrecognizable.  I have some pics comparing V9 with V10, but I'm unsure how to post here.  I've tried reinstalling the game and clearing the user cache but neither solves the problem.   Update: Example maps not loading textures: Fools Rd V1 + V2; OPFL V1; Belaya; Yeho V2; Mestia V1, Choro V2; Goro V1.  And maps that are fine: Sumari (all layers); Logar V1; Kokan V1; Al Bashrah V1; Gorodok V2; Mestia V2   Any help would be much appreciated!   My build is: I7 2600K @ 4.3ghz, gtx 560ti w/ 1GB ram, 8GB of DDR3, windows 10.