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Ronin a new gaming community

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Look no further !


Ronin Gaming or Ronin| is a newly formed Squad EU clan currently. We are looking for both Casual and Competitive members to fill out our Roster. 


What we can Offer you 


A great community of fun people to play with. Serious and competitive gameplay. But a place to make friends and be honest with each other. Admins you can turn to if issues arise (Which we hope wont) But a great Clan that you can be proud of when we win. 


A place to hone your skills and be able to learn the game, But also a place you can play to the best of your ability and show of to the rest of the clan and squad community.


Join our discord play a few rounds with us and see what happens.





  • English speaking
  • Must use a MIC


See you on the battlefield !

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Hey, came on discord u guys seem really nice. And guess what decided to buy the game, had some games, and it was amazing. Did also get 10 kills in one match was pretty cool! Gonna see you on discord 2morrow

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