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Dongles Playhouse - Got banned for TK even though I was the one being TKed

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So I am really confused/frustrated currently, I was just trying to get into Squad again after a few months hiatus. I join a server and everyone is talking about this guy who is TKing, I see the guy, he kills me, several times. I just try and avoid him and play the game, 10 minutes later I get banned for TK. I feel defeated.

Server was Dongles Playhouse, how can I get in touch with the admins? Sorry if it's obvious, I'm a pretty big Squad noob.

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download discord

set up an account 

go to dongles playhouse in the server forums

click on the discord link 

then go to server ban appeals 

explain what happened


they should be pretty understanding 

if you have anymore questions dont hesitate to ask

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