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Captain Blackwell

Unable to Post Topic - error 500

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Hey there,

I was trying to set up a server topic for my server i got set up but i keep getting error 500 every time, any way to fix this?

I made sure to include rules and all the requirements to ensure players get the best experience with us.


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That topic doesn't really help at all.  I am not sure of what steps were taken besides the ones I did. I looked at multiple posts and they all ended in the same way, where it seemed that it was something to be done on the websites side not mine.
Side note ive tried about 4-5 times waiting a bit between once i figured it may be a glitch.


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Oh then I think it's not on your end's fault but rather on the forum's end 

@beginna can assist you for further information 

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I am having the same issues as above. Can't post on the any of the topic in the Squad forum but I can post up the reply.

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