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Server Rules:


Any abusive, racist or offensive content in chat, player or squad names, voice coms etc. will not be tolerated.
No spamming, flooding or advertising is allowed.
Any kind of cheating, ghosting or exploiting bugs to get advantage over the other players is forbidden.
Intentional TKing, vehicles misusing, blocking or provoking other players will be warned and eventually punished.
All Squad Leaders must have microphone and should be able to communicate in English.
Supporting new players, team play and helping administration to stop rule violations is always encouraged.
SLs are encouraged to mark claimed vehicles on the map and follow the markings as the round starts.
Admins are allowed to kick/ban players from the server with a valid reason.


Server Admins:









CPU: Intel Core i9-9900K 
Platform: Intel LGA 1151
SSDs: 2x Samsung 970 Pro series


You can always give a feedback or reach out for admins in our Discord (Ukrainian/English):

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I just wanted and needed to write it here so all of you people playing squad know this.This guys are amazing they are so friendly great bunch of players playing my style and that's aggressive play always on the attacks and always kicking ass.When ever i see them i play with them and i am not even Ukrainian i am Serbian but i respect them and i know they respect me a lot and love playing with them.I love when some of them especially Denis trays to explane something in English to me like what to do it always makes me laugh he forgets as a Slav its in my DNA to understand a lot the guys say.

Trust me people if you want to have a lot of fun and play with great players you will have a great time with thous guys and yes they speak English.

All in all this is your friend Bahrein telling you UA guys he love you all and loves playing with you all.


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I really needed to post this one too.I hope other clans and other players in this game of ours will read this.

I am playing with this gays for many months now many many hours in thear squads with all players from SQ UA (whole squad except me that is) not always with the same guys and an important thing i noticed when it comes to them in every round that changes every map change its a diffirent squad leader and that thing i did not see in many other clans or other servers.

They always rotate i do think thats a great thing because everyone is a great SL every one is great in his own way every single one is competent to squad lead.



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