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We are a team of couple Finns working on a Finnish Defence Forces, a faction that combines elements from both western and eastern forces, and conventional and unconventional forces in the game in a way that also reflects the traits of the FDF, such as focus on infantry and defensive maneuvers



  • RK 95 assault rifle
  • KvKK 62 LMG
  • TKIV 2000 sniper rifle
  • HK69A1 grenade launcher
  • FN HP-DA pistol
  • KES 88 light single-shot AT-weapon
  • APILAS heavy single-shot AT-weapon
  • TM 65 77 AT-mine
  • KP 87 off-route AT-mine
  • VP 2010 directional anti-personnel mine
  • M43 grenade
  • ITKK 96 HMG
  • KRH 96 mortar



  • Leopard 2A4 MBT
  • BMP-2M IFV
  • CV9030 IFV
  • XA-185 APC
  • Sisu NA-122 Mortar carrier
  • Sisu E11T truck
  • Land Rover Defender 110 Td5 off-road vehicle
  • KTM LC4 640 Enduro motorcycle



If you are interested in the mod and want to get more frequent updates on the progress, join our discord at https://discord.gg/NR7khex.



Work in Progress:

























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That's surprising news. Hope it goes better than the PR FDF project which died halfway through. Could you get some help/model donations from them? They had some nice looking weapon models ready, like the RK62.

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I believe there was some talk with other mods (from different games), but since most of the games are quite old they have pretty low-polyish assets.

Yes we could remodel them to better fit to squad, but the time it would take is basically same than creating from scratch.


Tho that doesn't mean we aren't open for help with our mod.

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Hah! When I was in army we got RK62, but that damn kenttälapio doesn't change. Good luck with this mod!


Ps. I wonder how march songs have changed since there are no "är-koo-kuus-kaks~~~" :D

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The Sisu E11T truck is so useless when the FDF has landrovers and motorcycles.


Transport trucks should be removed from this game in a whole, so people start using the APC's as they are intended. 

And in logistical trucks decrease the troop capacity, so again people use the APC's more.


Lets be real...

You never see troops moving around in unarmored vehicles on the front line. "Transport trucks"

Where you do see troops moving in unarmored transport trucks in large amounts is behind the front line moving to it. Where there are no threats.

This is also addressed to logistical trucks that can carry a bunch of troops in the back. All the space in the back of a logistical truck should be for build supplies. Troops should only be able to sit in the front three seats.

"This is a front line game"

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Posted (edited)
14 hours ago, GUNNERBOMB69 said:


Don't care about being real, but from gameplay perspective, you are a giving great suggestion.


Infantry/vehicle separation was always a problem (since BF2:PR). In a game about combined arms and teamwork, it's will force them to work together instead of being independent actors. It will be impossible to win without proper cooperation in lack of mobility on larger maps too.

It will significantly diversify factions, as armor is now properly compensated by speed.

It solves lone camper problem where 1 MG destroys multiple trucks with full squads inside and makes it not viable tactics to lone wolf camp (except rambo HAT ofc)

Positives all around the scene, and as drawback, hurr durr I just wanna shoot stuff not speak population getting rekt properly, so buying COD instead, so OWI doesn't get the money, so it's not gonna be implemented.

Possibly, creating map layouts where you can define what assets each layout get will someday be easy enough and whilelisted (we know it won't) so server owners can pick assets they need for their rotation themselves.

But I don't think FDF devs are the ones to blame here anyway.

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