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10SFG MilSim Server[Licensed] NA

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Update: *** SERVER LICENSED AS OF 01/20/2018 ***


10SFG is in the process of entering into the licensed server arena.  Although we still have some time before that happens.  We do have our current public custom server available to all.  


What we would like, is feedback from the community as to what you would like to see on  our server.  So fire away suggestions, just read the basic server rules below.


We currently have 8 Admins 80 Slot server.   What we want is map rotation suggestions, rules and event suggestions. 


Website: https://10thsf.enjin.com/

Discord: https://discord.gg/SH5kPc4


Basic Server Rules: (Rules will be added/removed as we move forward, check back often)

  1. This is a Mil-Sim Server.  You must conduct yourself accordingly.  If you are unaware what Mil-Sim means, get with an Admin to have it explained
  2. Squad Leaders must have a Mic
  3.  Fraticide(TK) will not be tolerated. Accidents happen, make sure you apologize in all chat.
  4.  No spamming, griefing, hacking or cheating of any sort
  5.  Stream peaking is lame, don't do it.
  6.  No Racist or Offensive Names in game
    1. There is a zero tolerance for Racism on our server.  This include offensive names
  7.  No offensive or disrespectful remarks in Chat(All,Team,Squad)
  8.  Do not misuse Vehicles
  9.  No camping main base
  10.  No links or advertising in Names
    1. This includes unreadable characters in name. If someone cannot pronounce your name for communication you will be asked to rejoin with a better name


Current List of Admins:


List of Admins/Moderator:

[10SFG] CPL Benality.G

[10SFG] CW2 Gardner

[10SFG] SGT Lala.N

[10SFG] 2LT Claton.Q

[10SFG] SSGT St.John.C

[10SFG] CPL Johnson.T - Moderator

[10SFG] CPT.Smith.J

[10SFG] SFC Winters.C


Ban Appeal Process


If you are banned and you wish to appeal the decision.  You must fill out the form below:



Remember, our goal is to provide a fun gaming environment around the MilSim community.  Bans are infrequent, and most bans are rarely if ever permanent.  Your appeal will be noted, but may not reversed unless it was done in error.  We will handle all appeals in a professional manner, and expect the same in return. 


Edited by Benality

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