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New Game Mode - Strategic Platoon Assault

Squad Game Mode  

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  1. 1. Would you play a game mode in Squad that is slower paced and is more focused on platoon-based tactics?

    • Yes, this would be my main game mode.
    • Yes, I like variety and would play it equally with AAS
    • Maybe, I would give it a shot.
    • No, AAS is fine and this is unnecessary.
    • No.

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New Game Mode for Squad:

“SPA” Strategic Platoon Assault


SPA game mode takes the best elements of Squad’s AAS and then applies a more strategic style of the SquadOps “One Life” Missions, keeping a mixture for Public play.


SPA game mode is designed to slow down the gameplay of Squad a bit more, and reward teams that use coordinated platoon based tactics. It has elements of ‘consequence for actions’ like the “One Life” Missions. It is a little more forgiving, yet more unpredictable, and is suitable for Unlocked Public servers.


This game mode should be integrated only with larger maps, and is not suited for the Insurgent faction. Yehorivka, Kohat Toi River and Gorodok, etc are larger maps that would be appropriate.


This game mode is designed for the more advanced servers, and is not designed as a “Seeding” mode. Ideally placed into a servers map rotation after the server has reached a healthy population and Squad Leader quality is high on both teams.


(1) Flag system similar to AAS except as follows:

  1. No ticket bleed until the teams last flag is captured.

  2. Flag cannot be captured by troop presence

  3. Only way to capture a Flag is to construct a FOB Radio (see below for description) within 250m(adj?) radius of Flag.

  4. FOB Radio construction requires a Supply Crate, which is a physical game object dropped from the logistics truck (like PR). This Supply Crate enables radio construction and also has the construction points attached to it that affect the emplacements construction. It can be destroyed by the enemy.

  5. After a FOB Radio is constructed near the Flag, it will be captured after 1-3min(adj?) as long as no enemy is within 250m(adj?) of the Flag. Enemy presence will pause the capture process. Destroying the FOB Radio reset the capture process to 0 for each team.

  6. If an enemy and friendly FOB Radio exist within the Flag radius simultaneously, the Flag will remain neutral until one Radio is destroyed. and then the remaining Radio will take the regular 30sec to capture, as long as no enemy are within 250m radius of the Flag.

  7. The Flag order is randomized each round (like PR), not sure if Squad currently does this to the degree that PR used to. This game mode could also have each teams Main Base start as random, increasing the replayability. There would a set amount of Main Base starts (2-3) to increase the unpredictability of the maps gameplay, decreasing the "gamey-ness" of players executing the same exact plan each round.

  8. At the game start the only Flag that a team can see will be the first Flag (which is neutral). Once the first Flag is captured, the next Flag is revealed. And so on, until all the Flags are revealed. This is to dissuade the “Rush the enemies first Flag” meta tactic.


(2) New deployable FOB Radio

  • FOB Radio deployable object for Squad Leaders.  *** Developer note**” This could simply use the HAB art object initially, except the Radio is deployed attached inside of it. In the future a different art object could be used to differentiate it between the regular AAS HABs so players understand they are not player spawn objects.

  • FOB Radio does not have player spawning. SPA game mode does not include any version of deployable player spawn HAB. Only spawning is available at Main Base and Rallypoint (see below for RP changes)

  • Th FOB Radio object is deployed by the Squad Leader as the first thing to start a FOB (like in AAS), except that they require a Supply Crate (dropped by Logistics). The FOB Radio is placed by a SL and then requires shovelling (like any deployable). This will prevent the rush meta at the onset of the game start, as each FOB Radio will needs to be shovelled before the Flag can be captured.

  • FOB Radio object does not take damage from mortars (to prevent mortar spam winning meta)

  • This should slow the pacing of the gameplay down and rewards team-based real world tactics, and less “gamey” assaults. Keeping a squad together to do fire and maneuver, mutually supportive cones of fire, suppressive fire, etc is now much more viable tactics.


(3) Rallypoint Spawn is more limited.

  • Rallypoint must be resupplied after each use.

  • Resupply RP at any ammo supply.

  • Rallypoint expires after 2 minutes.

  • Must have at least 3 Squad Members nearby to deploy the RP.

  • This changes the RP to be used seldomly, in times where some of the squad has been cut off and needs to regroup, or new players have joined the server/squad. This takes away the Rallypoint tactic as as a springboard to launch wave after wave of assaults on enemy positions.


(4) Wounding/Revive Core System Overhaul

The SPA game mode hinges on an overhaul of the Wounding/Revival system in the core Squad game. Here's a short summary of the essential changes in such an overhaul to affect the core game, which would benefit AAS as well as the other game modes:

  • Any player can use their bandage to revive an incapacitated friendly player.

  • Bandages ONLY prevent further bleeding, or revive a fallen player, they DO NOT recover any hit points.

  • Players that have been revived will have very low hit points and any player with low hit points will suffer from severely debilitating effects until they are treated by a Medic.

  • Players with low hit points will have their movement speeds halved, weapons are difficult to aim, and Stamina drains at 3x the normal rate. And perhaps other debilitating attributes that will hinder their combat effectiveness until they receive medic attention.


(5) Vehicle Spawning is now Squad-based

  • In SPA game mode, Vehicles do not spawn by default.

  • Each Squad Leader has the ability to spawn vehicles at the main base, based on Vehicle Asset Points (more on that below).

  • Squad leader can decide what type of vehicle he wants to spawn (more on that below)

  • When requested by a SL, vehicle will spawn at main base like currently in Squad. The driver and gunner positions will be locked to the squad that spawned it.

  • Minimum cooldown timer of 5 minutes between each vehicle spawned (except Transport Trucks, which do not have a  cooldown timer)

  • Squads of 1-3 players can have a Maximum of 1 vehicle on the map. Squads of 4-8 players can have a Maximum of 2 vehicles on the map. Squads of 9 players can have a Maximum of 3 vehicles on the map.

  1. Abandoned vehicles will count towards each squads vehicle limit, so recovery missions for abandoned vehicles (and ambushes to prevent their recovery) is a possible game meta.


(6) Vehicle Allotment Points

  • Each squad will hace Vehicle Allotment Points (VAP) which are displayed to the SL.

  • Squads earn VAP by their supportive actions in the field such as healing, constructing,etc.

  • Each constructed FOB will give each squad 100 VAP every minute.

  • VAP Vehicles and Cost:

Transport Truck 100

Logistics Truck 300

MRAP 1000

APC 50cal 1500

APC 30mm 2500

  • Each Squad will max out at 5000 VAP.

  • Each Squad will start with 400 VAP

  • **All VAP are rough values, pending balancing




Thoughts? suggestions?

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Lots of work for the devs to make this happen...or you can make a mod for it yourself :P 


Edit: Also, keep it mind the FOB, RP, Vehicle Claim, etc...those mechanics are identical from one layer to another on a given map and all maps. Meaning your suggestion touches upon more than just flag locations which would otherwise be simple to implement. You want to change pretty much the entire mechanism of squad to adhere to your suggestion. I highly doubt the developers will take time out of their busy schedule to make this happen. So in other words: Make a mod for it if you got the time and patience ;) 

Edited by CptDirty

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Thanks for the reply CptDirty. Yes the idea needs more refining, and yes its not a simple variation of AAS.


And maybe I will create a game mode like this in the future, if there is interest ;)

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My god how didn´t This post get MUCH more attention!!!....


Please...only 12 people voted…. you have to get people to see it again. 


That would also tell you the kind of player the community is leaning towards.


I do think This should be a mod, not a mode.

Edited by Nightingale87

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