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Hello! I'm a new player from the Philippines, I'm new games like Squad(mil-sim games) I found the game while browsing through Steam and it caught my attention so I bought it during the holiday sale, I currently have 30+ Hours in-game and I'm looking for a squad to help me get better at the game and to improve my communication skills since I'm a bit shy when communicating in-game. But anyways so far my experience has been great! and I'm looking forward to see you in-game.


Also tips on where can I find squads, thanks!

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First of all, welcome to the game.


As a new player, finding a good squad will be a hit&miss process.

Wish i could recommend you servers but i'd doubt you'll be playing on EU.

A good SL makes all the difference in this game.


Just tell your squadmates that you're new and i'm sure the SL or an other member will take you under his wing.

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