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The Trench

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Server Rules
- Behave. Play and act like an adult, respect others. 
- Play the objective, aim to win the game.
- No hacking/cheating/glitching/exploiting. 
- Apologise in all-chat after an accidental team kill. 
- Intentionally team killing results in a permanent ban. 
- Squad leaders must have a microphone to communicate for teamwork. 
- English only in squad leader radio. 
- Unassigned/AFK players will be kicked. 
- Players must have a pronouncable name (Latin alphabetic). 
- No advertisements.


Vehicle Rules
- Vehicle claiming is enabled. 
- Do not abandon assets, try to unflip and unstuck them or ask for help. 
- Solo usage of all vehicles is prohibited except for trucks (supply & transport) and all technicals. 
- Asset squads have asset priority. Make it clear in the squad name.


Seeding Phase
- Seeding phase occurs when the server is below 30 players. 
- Fight only over the middle flag. 
- HABs must be at least 100m from the objective. 
- Do not attack/camp enemy HABs during seeding.


Community Admin
We're looking for additional community admins, please get in contact with any admin or mod and we will follow up with you.

Currently Whitelisted Clans:


Ban Appeal
Have you been banned from our server and would like to appeal? Please provide your Steam profile URL (public profile), 
the reason why you (think you) were banned and why you think this was wrong in the #admin_contact channel. 
We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Admin Contact
Are there no admins currently online or available in the game? 
Get in contact here, we are generally always online and will respond as soon as possible in the #admin_contact channel. 
Please do not ping us (unless your salt İS melting your skin), we will do that internally if it's urgent.


Whitelist & Whitelist Request
Whitelist enables you to queue skip and bypass team balance. Is your clan on the list but you are not whitelisted?
 Contact your clan representative and let him/her send us your Steam 64ID. Public people can request a whitelist if they are known within our community, 
 have at least 300 hours of Squad time and with their Steam ID64 or public Steam profile URL in the #whitelist_request channel.
 All contact will be handled at discord.me\fearacadaemy 

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