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MajorGamingClan - European [ ENG/GER ]

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About us ?

We are here to bring best gaming experience for all players , because we all love when there is not trolling or something els bad , so now we have Major Gaming Clan on Squad Servers.

Players ?

Help us with seeding the server join into our community with your friends .

What can you expect on Server ?

  • No Trolling
  • No Teamkilling
  • Active Admins
  • Good Maps for Playing ( AAS,Invasion)
  • Good Squad's

English and German ?

So basically we love English to speak and play , and also we understand that most of players are German Players of the Squad , so we put 2 languages on the server so anyone who joins from Europa or Germany can understand and can play.

Squad Leaders

  • Must have Working Microphone and Headphones
  • Must have experience in Squad Leading

              Needs to have at least 2 weeks playing the game

Server Rules ?

  • No Teamkilling
  • No Trolling in Squad Chat or Squads Chat
  • Respect all players from all nations
  • Behave good in all senses

              Respect Admins because they are here to help you

More Community Informations


Register on our Forums , and you have much thing on it.

Vote for Our Server

Major Gaming Clan Forums

Join our Discord Server

Request a Support Ticket

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