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"West Coast Tactical - AAS" - Review

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- Server has good NA speeds

- Team play is heavily encouraged

- Trolling is usually at a minimum

- I've had a lot of encounters with former & active service players on this server

- Heavy use of actual tactics, helps create an exhilarating immersion

- Rule set isn't overwhelming but bulky enough to maintain order



- Popular server meaning long wait times

- Popular server meaning  server crashes and infrequent down times

- Often Admins have not seemed to be present during my time on this server but that being said I have actively been helped by admins on more than one occasion.


Take Away:

- This server has been my personal favorite for a while now and continues to be my guilty pleasure. I highly recommend trying out this server if you haven't yet.

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Apparently it is against forum rules to mention bad experiences on a server related to that server's admins, so forum admins please delete this post as I don't have the ability to.

Edited by RyeGuy
apparently I can't delete a post?

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