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Hi guys i need some help.

so i dont have one of those dedicated hosting services that has everything built into their software. i have a vps and i have everything else setup on the vps and i just need help with one more thing.

every time i restart the vps to say update some cfg settings or something. once the vps has restarted the server wont start up automatically by its self i can close the putty screen etc and it will still be running but if i restart the vps it dosnt come back up again and then i have to go into my vps and do

ssh [email protected] cd servers ./startservers1.sh to get it running again is their a script out there or a way where i can set it up so if it crashes or when im offline  or if i setup auto restarts it boots back up again automatically? so i dont have to manually start the server up again? 


Maybe like a batch script that can do all this? ive seen people talking about it around here but i cant find the actual file

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