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RONIN New UK/EU clan

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A new clan has risen.


Ronin or Ronin Gaming A fresh new Competitive clan mainly focusing on INF warface and other fast passed FPS games.


Many of you will know me or know of me. I have been apart of 3 main squad clans



Fear Academy 

White Fox


Before this I have played BF3, BF4, CSGO and Arma Milsim.

I am looking for members with experience within either squad or other FPS like it. People that want to improve within the game and get better as a unit. We will enter clan tournaments like ISKT and play scrims regularly. One we have the members and the dedication will with rise to the top.




50+ hours


English speaking

MIC required 

Can take criticism.


If interested add me on

steam : https://steamcommunity.com/id/deadcem1ci/

or discord : Ronin.EJm^#4623 / https://discord.gg/hHPDdrZ

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We are regularly playing on The Trench - Hosted by FA or either Mumblerines. If you are interested jump in a squad with one of us and we can have a chat


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