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Spotting enemies?

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On 18.3.2018 at 11:49 AM, DeusExodus said:

and you can see the pixels moving in the bushes and grass.

sadly i use this tactical very often .

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I had the same problem when i started.

Best advice i can give is that spotting enemies just takes time and experience in the game.


Tips to spot enemies:


1. If you think you might see or hear an enemy close by but arent sure if they are friendly or not, open your map. If they dont appear on it, shoot!


2. Get familiar with the weapons sounds. A AK-74 sounds a lot different from a M4A1 carbine.


3. Get familiar with the different factions clothing. Insurgents are easy to identify, but the u.s vs. russians on a dessert map almost look identical to the untrained eye. You need to get familiar with the differences. Same goes for russians vs. militia in a forrest map but to a lesser degree.


4. Enemy strikers i still struggle with. Depending of factions, i have to use my map to identify friend from foe.


As i mentioned, time and experience will teach you these things. Good Luck!

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One trick also is to keep your monitor still, in other words your character is not moving and you do not move your point of look with the mouse.. 


Remember it doesn't matter who shoots first.

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