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Give admins in camera mode the option to monitor both team chats.

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Admins in camera mode a should have button which toggles the visibility of team chat from both sides.

Also, it might improve readability if instead of "[Team]" the prefix was the 3 letter abbreviation of the Player's country.




[All] Player 1: GG everyone

[RUS] Player 2: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

[USA] Player 1: Vestibulum tristique dignissim arcu, eget tincidunt sapien ultrices nec.

[USA] Player 3: aecenas tortor ante, rutrum interdum egestas et, facilisis et nibh. Vivamus ac nisl at felis lacinia semper. Duis ex metus, rhoncus vitae congue id

[All] Player 2: gg


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