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Devon Clarke

[Server Thread] Apex-Network

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A Team Based Community

Hosted in Canada with 80 Slots


Our community focuses heavily on team based gameplay but we still allow new players to try any role they please. All players are welcome to enjoy the game for what it was aimed for! Our moderators reserve the right to kick or ban players from the server that are being disruptive to gameplay. or teamwork within the server! Staff of the community may ask you to unlock your squad to make room for new or more players. Join us on Discord! https://discord.gg/X3B2SNt


Our Server Rules:

   1. Squad Leaders must have active mics & be active on SL Freq.

   2. Intentional TK's can and will result in a ban. Apologize for accidental teamkilling.

   3. Do not abandon vehicles on the battlefield, you must value the resources given.

   4. No trolling, racism, or working against your team. Play the objective of the match.

   5. Must listen to staff during the events as its important to have a smooth event day!

   6. Only lock squads if your team is dedicated to certain tasks. (Logistics, Mortars, Attack, or BackCap)


If you require any help or need a staff member of the community, use the #contact-an-admin channel on our discord linked above. This includes to appeal bans if you feel that you have wrongfully banned. All ban appeals will be reviewed on a case to case basis as if false bans are present, we can fix the issue.


Thanks for reading about our community!
    Devon Clarke.

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