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[BB] Bella's Battleground

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Welcome to [BB] Bella's Battleground! Squad up and have fun!



Server name: Bella's Battleground

Server location: Chicago, IL

Server slots: 80
Server resets: To provide optimal game play, server resets will be performed
every 1-2 days depending on usage/performance levels.
Prior to every reset, a broadcast will be made so all players are aware.
If for any reason, the server gives out on its own, it will reset automatically.
Please join right back with us, resets take place immediately!

Website: Bella's Battleground

Discord: Bella's Battleground
Steam group: Steam group


We are about communication, teamwork, and providing a friendly atmosphere
in order to ensure enjoyable, efficient, and high quality game play for ALL players.
Both admins and players must respect guidelines as well as
If you ever have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to let us know!


Be respectful and mindful of your actions towards all players.
Do not use racist, offensive or derogatory language. There is zero tolerance for this.
Do not intentionally TK or you will be removed from the server.
If you accidentally TK, please apologize in all chat. Do not retaliate.

SLs are required to have an SL kit.
SLs are required to have a mic and we highly encourage active use of squad/SL comms.
Do not lock a squad unless you have a minimum of 4 squaddies.

A driver AND gunner are mandatory to operate armor requiring crewman kits.
SLs may kick for any reason.
Do not abuse comms or spam chat.
Do not camp or kill enemies at their main base. This includes mines too close to opposing team's main base.
Minimum range will depend on the map. If you're unsure, please ask an admin.
Cheating, hacking and glitching will result in a permanent ban.
Do not share ticket counts or intel from the opposing team.
Do not grief, troll or waste game assets.
Do not ghost or stream snipe.
Inactive/unassigned players will be kicked. Please join a squad.

Do not advertise your social media/streams on the server.
If you have questions or an issue, please call for an admin in all chat.

If your questions or issues are left unresolved, please join our discord
and we will be happy to assist you!


As always, thank you and thanks for playing with us! :D

Edited by XoxBella143

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Hello I was banned from the server and it says it was due to TK in spawn and trolling? Is there a way for me to talk to a admin about this. I swore I never did such a thing. 

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Wish the server was more Central.  I have had a good time on the server but rest of my team mates are east coast :(  but great server nonetheless, keep up the good work. 

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On 1/12/2018 at 5:16 PM, Benality said:

Wish the server was more Central.  I have had a good time on the server but rest of my team mates are east coast :(  but great server nonetheless, keep up the good work. 

Thanks for the positive feedback! Been working hard to provide fun for all and some quality gameplay :)


Hop on our Discord some time :D

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Map:Kohat Toi Factions:Russia vs US  played as US 

i realize this is very long i'm terrible at summing things up nice and short and don't use any kind of social media alot so i apologise :{

*first i wanna say my grammar is not the best due to my bad memory so please bear with me* Hey just wanna note some concerns about some of the admins of your server cant remember their names off the top of my head i just got off a few mins ago after playing i think kohat toi and instead of ruining everyone's time to have fun and cause a flame war with the admins in chat and getting banned because i wanted to act like a child  i decided to post it here. now i wanna say i might have completely been in the wrong and this is mostly to see if that is the case my first incident with an admin was when i was still sitting half way inside main shield shooting at a 30 mike at long rang now this was completely fair and they had every right to tell me off i'll admit so i figured "alright i head down the main road to the side of the mountain 350m away from main in between chakar and main itself" i think its grid coordinates if i'm looking at this map i pulled up right were H5-1-3 it provided a fantastic vantage point and have used this spot before in the past without incident till now on my way back from this spot i was blown up by what i think was an enemy btr  at F4-3-2 and after getting a new stryker proceeded to slowly take it out this was where my 2nd problem came in  as i was moving and admin in ghost cam came and told me if i shoot inside of main 1 more time i'm banned and i'm like wait what? at this point i took the liberty to write down these coordinates I listed before this to give you my point of view during this confrontation i proceeded to lie about having a recording to show him that wasn't true to get him off my back mostly sense i was tryng to help my squad who were pinned down at the time "i know  lying discredits me a bit but i feel to make sure everything is dealt with fairly outta respect for your server i should tell the truth" time was somewhere between 10:20Pm i think if you had any 1 who was actually recording at that time ignoring him i proceeded to my vantage point few mins later i'm hearing an awful lot of ak fire and btr fire come from chakar and asked my squad lead if SQ4 needed help i received no reply so then took a look at the map and saw i was the closest armored unit who could assist and proceeded to come up behind the enemy from the road taking out two infantry and very heavily damaging possibly destroying the btr that was assaulting your clans squad and then taking out 4 more before pulling out due to instead of what most in that situation would have welcomed as aid instead find myself getting yelled at by one of your more volatile members i guess and decided i had enough and completely stopped having anything to do with said squad  now my main questions are these 1: is 300-400m away from main not far enough? and if not pls disregard this and i fully apologize for your time  2: if it is far enough why was i threatened and treated pretty badly in all my interactions with your clan's squad despite attempts to prevent the situation from escalating *note*: i had local coms chat interactions with them aswell but seeing as i cant remember what went back and forth i feel it was best i save it for the end  

some of my best moments in squad were on this server witch is why i tried to make sure i gave as much information of this complaint i guess to help make your judge meant on the matter  i don't wanna go outta my way to not play on this server like i do [TA] servers *reallllly bad experiences with their players and admins on that one >.>*   and i don't really do social media with forums but i also don't want one of my fav servers to become something i dread playing on instead


p.s. this was not meant to belittle or sound rude in any way nor an attempt to make me seem like i can do no wrong *cause i can* and i am very sorry if it came off this way. 

Edited by Astrautum

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I recommend you take this to their discord and get in-touch with @XoxBella143(Bella) directly.
Remember all servers have different rules regarding main.
i also recommend taking screenshots of positions next time (easy with steam just F12)

Regards - MIG

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Meant to join the [BB] Blood Brothers this evening and by mistake joined your guys , was a great time. Was nice to deal with our colonial cousins for a change. Thanks for the great game . 



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9 hours ago, GitFcked said:

Wouldn't recommend. Owner and admins are unfriendly and don't take criticism well at all.

This is true for some of the Admins definitely, a lot of them are great.

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Really enjoy this server and the people who play in it. Never had any problems with anyone and everyone seems to really enjoy Squad. Server connection is a lot more stable than most and the admins are always accessible if anybody does anything game breaking or rule breaking.

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4 hours ago, delectabletoast said:

Wouldn't recommend. Was kicked for creating a squad on my first game then moving the squad leader, they also said in the ban i used profanity which was untrue. Power hungry admins.

Do not create a Squad if you will not be a SL.

Wait 'til someone do it.

It was your fault, not server's fault.

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