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[SR] Smoking Rifles - Europe (ENG) **NEW Server**

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[SR] Smoking Rifles Clan
New server in the community!!

76 Slot | Hosted in Europe

Discord Link


The Smoking Rifles clan welcomes you to it's server, please work with each other and enjoy Squad!

We have outlined some basic rules as below for all individuals and clans to follow:

  • No intentional teamkilling - this may result in you being kicked or banned. Please apologise in "All" chat for any accidental teamkills.
  • No discrimination or abusive voice/text chat - including squad and player names.
  • Squad Leaders must communicate in English and have a microphone
  • Anyone found to be hacking, using exploits or ghosting will be kicked or banned from the server.

Our moderators reserve the right to kick or ban players from the server that are being disruptive to gameplay.




Note about Locked Squads

Whilst we appreciate people like to lock squads, this is fine for vehicle and mortar teams - please name your squad to include your function, however if you have less than 5 players in your squad - keep it unlocked.

Also, if a moderator asks you to unlock your squad to make room for "spare players" then please comply.



If you find anyone on our servers that is breaking our rules then please contact us on discord in the #server-help channel and tag @Moderator for a quick response. Please do not retaliate by killing the teamkiller, let us handle it.


If you think you've been banned or kicked unfairly please address this with a Moderator in our discord channel.

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You have reserved some time for damage control I see, EmotiveMeerkat.


Got banned from discord for reporting a guy applying as commander 4 times straight, and this dude EmotiveMeerkat punishes me.

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