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Smoking Rifles - Recruiting!!!

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[SR] Smoking Rifles is a relatively new clan and was founded in 2017 - it was formed by a group of players that always found themselves playing Squad together.

Currently hosting a 76 slot server in Europe!! "[SR] Smoking Rifles - Europe (ENG)"


We are a friendly community with members mainly based around Europe and we are welcoming of anyone who wants to come and have fun whilst playing Squad.

We aim to be fairly relaxed in our play style, however whilst we're not overly competitive we do enjoy pushing to win the match - and that happens when there's great communication and teamwork.


We are looking for anyone that wants to be a part of a community that is growing and developing - we welcome players of any skill level and our recruitment criteria is:


1. 0 hours in Squad - that's right we will help mentor brand new players!!
2. 18+ years old
3. Mature, but able to have a laugh
4. Must be a team player!
5. Active in our Discord community
6. Able to play 5 rounds of Squad with the clan per week


Ideally you would need to be available for weekend events - most of our clan activity is based around weekends, including but not limited to inter-clan organised events

So if you're interested in joining then drop us a message in discord or if you see is in game then feel free to come join us in our squads 


Discord Link: http://discord.smoking-rifles.co.uk

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