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[Free Assets] British Asset Pack - Version #2

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Here is an updated version of my British assets pack




  • Crowd Barrier
  • 3 Road Traffic Sign Variants
  • Euro Barrier 
  • Gas Marker
  • Ground Infrastructure
    • 2 different man hole covers
    • Gas man hole cover
    • Black drain
  • Traffic Cone (Dirty & Clean)
  • Traffic Barriers (White & Red)
  • Water Butt (Crucial to any English garden)
  • Road Works Barrier
  • Red Telephone Box
  • Red Postbox
  • Traffic Bollard
  • Internet/BT Box (Found at the bottom of EVERY English Street)
  • Pedestrian Crossing Post thing..?
  • Old Caravan (Will release different textures for it soon! Old and new etc)
  • White Wrapped Hay Bale


All items are have several LOD's, phys mats and collision. Simply drag and drop, assets with texture variants have a blueprint that allows for the easy changing of textures. There's a slider to the right of your editor. 




If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on discord or here.


Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8cE5JFq7B_WeTMzUGZuQlVnQW8


These assets are free for use within the Squad community and always will be.


Any advice, feedback or requests are more than welcome. I really hope you enjoy using them within your maps.


Merry Christmas,





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