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My prayer and hope to the devs to add more suppression...

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I've stopped playing Squad some time ago because of optics dominating the game and for a long time I've been asking for a tiny sway-jump suppression system that would affect your aim when bullets are flying by. I had given up trying after being told that the devs are working on it and most likely will add it to the game as it's still in alpha.


So I saw an announcement for the Alpha v10 and when I clicked a youtube video about the v10 Preview


The first comment straight away it says: "And machineguns won't even be at their best with V10 since there is no major suppression overhaul. They are going to be even more insane with future updates. "


And it had 12 likes and now it's got 20.


When we had a voting poll on the forum to have more suppression, the majority also voted for yes.


So on one hand you've got majority of people that agree that optics are too OP such as it clearly shows here in this video that player is completely unaffected by the incoming bullets and thus MGs are useless at laying any fire.


And yet then there's these people that completely ignore the fact that there's a huge difference between real life and a game where they basically say that laying suppressive fire should merely be a fear factor of being hit like in the response to that comment on YT. And in a computer game it completely doesn't work, in theory yes, but in practice such as in game the players won't fear of being hit and thus will continue to return fire such as shown in the video above.


Here's an example of Darkest Hour 44-45 mod suppression-sway system for each bullets passing by, and as you can see it does not affect the ironsights as much, and the firefights are then more intense and dynamic rather than quick pop-pop-bam-dead, and it does affect the optics much more, making it way more difficult to aim using the optic while under fire.


And this is what really bothers me, and really makes Squad unplayable for me for what it is.


I saw in the steam announcement that instead they are adding more permanent zoom increase when aiming down the sights of the ironsights... When in fact this will give little to no result in the way ironsights have a chance against the optics.


At best it'll increase only by 5% of chance of ironsights countering the optics. Whereas adding even just a tiny bit of sway-jump for bullets passing by would improve the chances of iron-sights of probably at least 50% to 80% more against the optics. And even still the optics would still have a huge upper-hand against the iron-sights (whenever they are unnoticed and are firing from a good position, and this is how it should be).


And the optics will continue to be OP and machine guns do very little in terms of suppression unless you mean some "fear of being hit" which is bogus really, the MG gunner without suppression they will drop dead within a few seconds of firing, I've never fired an MG in Squad for longer than a few seconds, cause the optics will vritually pick anything off, even while being under heavy fire they will still pick out any MG easily...


This is my only post. I'm not going to respond like all these responses on YT and the posts I've had in my other threads about suppression where they just can't stop saying "Do you have sway in real life if you get shot at?????????????" Which totally does not corresponds with the fact that it's a game, and that because of the lack of suppression mechanics, there's an unrealistic behaviour coming from it which results in an extremely laser-precision like arcadey gunplay that is in Squad.


However I would appreciate a response from a dev.


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6 minutes ago, a dev said:

You are welcome.

Troll level: over 9000


Devs said that they will add a much harsher suppression system after V10 is out. Patience, young padawan. I have waited 7 years and counting for a game called Bannerlord, a year for v10 is nothing to me.

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Suppression is planned to have an overhaul later on, once core systems are finished.
There is already a suppression, its not ideal, but people just dont use it at all. They rather say, there is no suppression.


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10 hours ago, Friesen said:

However I would appreciate a response from a dev.

Your wish, granted:


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