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1. Players defensive position in open vehicles with firing option. 

So may times I have experienced vehicle ambush and getting killed without firing single bullet. Please modifie the player seating position as defensive with firing option in open truck, technical and pickup truck vehicles which helps to answer the ambush with out getting out of vehicles.





2. Players carry ammo box.

When defending or attacking away far from FOB if we are running out of ammo or bandage instead of running back to ammo create for reloading we can request SL to send soldier carrying ammo box on foot or vehicles. 




3. APC blow up time should be increased. 

As we see the game vehicles are blowing up and turn to wreck immediately after hitting mines or multiple rockets. Usually vehicle after taking hit first it will be damaged and disable post that it will catch fire or cook off and then turn to wreck it's required some time to blowup. I hope I see this changes in next version.




4. PKM bipod front folding

It's a small change. I have observed PKM bipod folded toward back side in November 2017 recap. 


Usually PKM gun bipod will be folded towards front side which we see the difference between Russian MG and US MG. I have seen maximum PKM bipod in real world folded to front which make difference between M240 and PKM.




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Good one on the bipod, makes for better recognition possibly.

Familiar ammo crate on the last photo btw.

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I always thought of the PKM as having the bipod fold inwards but it seems it can fold both ways.




Also, as others have mentioned, it's far too late to make suggestions for V10. The content is locked in and they're just working on bug fixing.

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