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The Playground [TPG]

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                       The Playground Server


Server Name: The Playground - NoRush|VicClaim|NewbFriendly
Type:  Licensed
Location: NY, USA
Slots: 78 + 2 reserved

ADMINS: 40+ active admins.   If you have an incident in game, visit out Discord for immediate help!  Use the #report-an-issue and #appeal-a-ban channels to get the help you need.


The admin team has the right to remove any player from the server for any reason deemed detrimental to the community. Including, but not limited to:


  1. ALWAYS respect fellow players. NEVER troll. NEVER be toxic.
  2. NEVER express racism, antisemitism, sexism, fascism, homophobia, etc. in chat, squadnames, usernames, or voice channels.
  3. NEVER spam text or voice chat, including excessive music.
  4. NEVER intentionally teamkill or retaliate if teamkilled. ALWAYS apologize for teamkills in allchat.



  1. ALWAYS join or create a squad. NEVER lonewolf or lock one-player squads.
  2. ALWAYS focus on and support the objectives. This should be the thought process for every action. (example: A superFOB away from objectives in the corner of the map is not helpful.)
  3. ALWAYS use the Squad Leader kit when Squad Leading. (If promoted to SL without warning: either change to SL kit and keep the job, or pass SL to someone else.)
  4. ALWAYS have a microphone when Squad Leading and be capable of speaking English.
  5. NEVER attack, camp, mine, or IED the enemy main base. NEVER engage anything closer than halfway past the closest objective.  Any created objectives -- IE. FOBs or vehicles firing from within this protection zone at something non-threatening to the main -- become fair game.
  6. NEVER abuse game mechanics via glitching, using the "respawn" command as a way of changing locations, or shooting from your main's bulletproof protection zone at anything not directly blocking your exit.
  7. NEVER team stack or switch teams to win. Clans with 10+ players should split to both teams.


3. NO-RUSHING - AAS/PAAS Gamemodes only.

  1. ALWAYS note the protected objectives that are broadcasted at the start of the match.
  2. NEVER go inside protected objectives or attack anything inside/approaching them. Potection ends when all related objectives are captured or become a valid attack objective.
  3. NEVER follow a Squad Leader who orders a rush. Squad Leaders are responsible for their squad and will be the first to receive justice.
  4. ALLOWED to set up for an attack on a protected objective as long as the above is carefully followed.



  1. ALWAYS coordinate with the team to use vehicles for their intended use. Use TEAMWORK for transportation, armored fire support, logistics, etc. These new vehicle rules will require roles to be filled, much moreso than the jack-of-all-trades squads of the past.
  2. NEVER lonewolf, waste, or abuse the role of any vehicle. (example: using logistics as a transport.)
  3. LIGHT VEHICLES - Logistics, Transports, MATVs, BRDMs, Technicals, Bikes.
    1. ALLOWED to be used by any squad.
    2. ALLOWED to be crewed by one player/"solo".
  4. HEAVY VEHICLES - APCs (Stryker, BTR-80, MTLB), IFVs (BTR-82A), TRANS HELOs (Black Hawk, Mi-8).
    1. ALLOWED to be claimed by properly named squads. (Ex: Strykers/BTRs/MTLB & IFV/BTR-82a/BTR 30mm/MTLB 30mm/30mm)
    2. NEVER engage enemy without both a driver and gunner inside the vehicle. (AKA: NO SOLOING HEAVY VICS)
    1. ALLOWED to claim designated assets with properly named squads.
    2. NEVER create duplicate squads for the same asset class.  First properly named squad claims all.
    3. NEVER lock the squad until there are enough players to man at least 2/3rds of claimed vehicle type.  (Ex: 2 Strykers = 4 players, 3 Strykers = 4 players, 4 Strykers = 6 players)


5. SEEDING - When server population is less than 20v20.

  1. ALWAYS fight over the central objective(s) (example: Mosque on Sumari.)
  2. NEVER attack, camp, or destroy FOBs/HABs.
  3. NEVER place a FOB/HAB within 100m of the central objective.
  4. NEVER use any vehicles except logistics.


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Server is now known as The Playground.

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This is not a place to appeal bans, name and shame and to argue over server rules.

As per forum rules, here is the correct place(linked below) to report admin abuse.

Please keep in mind also

On 12/12/2015 at 5:20 PM, Merlin said:

~ Admins are free to kick/ban anyone that they feel necessary to protect the integrity of their server and community as long as this does not interfere with other administration guidelines.

Admin guidelines

Have cleaned thread.

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Hey do you have an up to date link for the discord. Needing to talk to an admin, I got banned over my steam name as I joined and wanted to see who I need to talk to about getting back in to the server as I enjoyed playing on it.

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23 hours ago, clanzocu said:

Hey do you have an up to date link for the discord. Needing to talk to an admin, I got banned over my steam name as I joined and wanted to see who I need to talk to about getting back in to the server as I enjoyed playing on it.

Hey sorry for the late response, you can find the discord at: http://tpg.ninja/discord


Jump in and read the #appeal_a_ban channel for instructions on what to do.

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These threads are not made to bad mouth/point fingers/appeal a ban ; This should be done thru designated platforms that server owners/admins provided. Please refer to their discord links and make an appeal thru it. 


You can refer to the server guidelines here



/Cleaned the threads a bit


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ALWAYS respect fellow players. NEVER troll. NEVER be toxic.  <<< is the first rule in The Playground  and so upset because one of your admin kicked me from the server because apparently I got caught up in a situation where one of my teammate called me out  very aggressively, in a degree like "**** you piece of shit you are a trash dumbass" because I did not have a bandaid to revive his teammate, he just assumed I was being an asshole so I TKed to make him shut up, but I am the one who gets kicked from the server? what about him he did not have any respect to his teammate whatsoever and I feel like I have been unequally judged. I think he "AllTheBadGuys" should 've got kick from the server as well. 

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I should mention your rules aren't up to date.
Contrary to OWI Server Guidelines. You'll have to look on their discord server for their more updated rules.


Here is my full feedback:

It's hard for me to recommend this server at its current state even though I like some of the administrative team and I like a lot of the regulars.
Full disclosure, I paid for a reserve slot on the server for around 6 months(estimate) and I plan to continue.

Player Name: Nao Pryderi

I like the team dynamics and the friendliness in the community.
I like that you can try new things and be able to actually plan things out.

I like that they run community events (though they haven't popped up for a bit).
I like the general attitude overall. 
I like that when regulars have complaints, they hold meetings with the community to help shape the server.
When team-stacking is brought up as an issue on their discord, members who actively pay attention to their discord while playing switch over to attempt to balance teams.
Streamer friendly, aka you won't get banned off twitch for people spamming racial slurs as the administrative staff are pretty effective on this rule.

However, I dislike the lack of continuity in the rules. Rules are interpreted differently by each admin and while some interpret it in the same way, it shouldn't be hoping to get an admin who has the same interpretation as the players who have to follow those rules.
I dislike that appeals can be officiated at times by the enforcing admin instead of another admin. I feel that admins who initiate the kick/ban should only provide evidence and their side and let someone else handle it to avoid bias.
I mentioned meetings in my likes, there is a caveat to it, some have voiced their concern that these meetings are a placebo effect and really do nothing. A lot of the stuff is done behind closed doors and when higher admins say that there are changes. It doesn't feel as there is.

The common thing people like to say is that there is a lot of team stacking. (Personally, this is subjective but I should point it out as its a common theme mentioned about this server).
I dislike how discussions are shutdown when nobody wants to deal with it.

As I stated earlier, its hard for me to recommend the server. I feel the server still has a good chance of being one of the best servers and I can definitely stand with it on that, but right now. It really needs to find its own ground to stand on and fix what it has. I understand that everybody has a life outside of this game, and I'm being really optimistic but who knows.

Will I still play on it?

Yes I will.

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Had the pleasure of playing on your server very nice experience. Recommend it friendly



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