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Function: Day/Night cycle - via Timeline

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FIXED: this is now my Day/Night cycle thread - see below.


Hi All,


I'm having trouble making a SetPlayRate function from a Timeline.

All the info i've seen so far says that all you have to do is drag the Timeline Component into the event graph, and make a Set PlayRate off of it.

When i drag the Component in i end up with it wanting to make a basic "Set", not a node from which to add the SetPlayRate, I've even tried typing in set play rate whilst pulling off the link but it does not find any such function

ie: it turns the Timeline Component node into the Set node - i should end up with a Timeline Target node from which i can create the SetPlayRate from.


So, does SetPlayRate exist in the SDK? or am missing something/doing it wrong? < yeah, i need to GET before i can SET


Any help much appreciated




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Discovered i had to make a Get of the TL Component, to create the Target, before i could access the Set PlayRate - none of the help i saw mentioned this, so i guess you just have to know about it. :)


So, here is my Day/Night cycle:


Day_Night cycle

Variables for; Time (of day in whole hours (24h)), Rate of time (~realtime to 40 sec/'day') and a Switch to enable/disable - though you can still Set the Time (to freeze the day at).

Updates/Outputs; Sun Intensity, Sun Rotation, Sun Position, Sun Colour, Ambient Intensity & Ambient Colour.


The only issue i have now is the SkyShpere not changing.



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i've noticed another thing that's a bit NQR. the lighting levels (the 'look') of the map is very different when PIE (looks washed out) compared to normal editing mode (looks nicely shaded). i have yet to remove the ToD to test without it. i will post screens later on as i'm at work atm.


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