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[BWFB] Big Footin Wit Da Best is now recruiting

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We're a group of folks with larger aspirations, who like to keep things hassle free. We have active, teamwork focused leadership, with enough gaming / IRL experience to translate effective tactics into this game.


Let's face it, we play games to have fun right? We play competitive games to win right? We all know, that winning = the most fun. 



For everything else common sense applies. If you wouldn't want your mom to see you doing it - don't do it with us.


There is only one way to apply - play alongside us for several nights, and if you're acceptable we will ask you to join the Discord!


Currently We have a 60-man Official Server [BIGFOOTS CAVE] but as we grow we will adjust our server needs. 

To ease your application with us you will need Discord. We use Discord for our Fireteam / squad channels along with general communication / player availability. (otherwise we respect / use in game comms.) Easy - no fuss no mess, and it works. The goal is to keep this a game, no one should have to treat this like "work". We are not going to treat anyone like a child, we don't expect you to behave like one.  

Play with one of our members and show interest in joining, you will receive an invite to our Discord channel. If we forget about you, we are sorry. Send whoever you were playing with a message on STEAM and we will get you an add. It's an easy collection point for people to find out what's going on online with the clan. Please use your in-game name for discord, and join the channel. Stay in it (IMO) for community, to see who is online when, and to get games in with folks, even when we aren't running around as a giant mob.


Ideally, we would like to be able to field 3 full squads of our own at will, whereupon we will then slow recruitment to a trickle. The plan is to keep this a close-knit community. We strive to have every member comfortable with and able to act as the Squad Leader Role. The Majority of our current members have been playing the game for over a year with many at the 1 ½ - 2+ year mark.


For more information please respond to this thread with your Steam ID/URL, any questions you have, or info you care to share. Oh, if you are easily offended then we aren't for you, we joke around internally a lot. Skill is nice, but teamwork and finding ways to help the squad comes first. If you can accomplish the mission as part of a team, let's talk.


Thanks for reading and see you on the battlefield!

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